‘I’ll See You In The A!’ — Knicks Silence Trae Young, Hawks in Game 2

“I’ll see you in the A!”

After a tough loss against the New York Knicks on Wednesday night, Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young made it a promise that he and his squad would make it a very tough night for the Knicks in Game 3.

Dropping 30 points just wasn’t enough to silence the critics sitting in the stands of Madison Square Garden, who made it their priority to shake the room and make things very difficult for the Hawks.


Those spoken words are what finally woke up the beast residing in the heart and soul of New York City.

Fans roared in the stands, passionately chanting phrases intended to pierce the soul of Young while supporting the Knicks; helping make the atmosphere thick and tense enough to run away with their first playoff win since 2013.

And Young, in the first postseason appearance of his career, brought nothing but more energy and vengeance to the Garden. Something that hasn’t been truly felt since 2013.

In the words of basketball icon Michael Jordan, I guess you can say that New York “took that personal”.

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