Reinventing Derrick Rose: How has his game changed since winning MVP?

Veteran point guard Derrick Rose was electrifying as ever on Wednesday, helping the New York Knicks earn their first playoff win since 2013.

Rose had 26 points with 5 rebounds as well as 4 assists during the victory over the Atlanta Hawks. However, it was nothing like how it was when he was winning individual awards more than a decade ago.

Last week, he had a long Instagram post detailing how upset it makes him when people classify what he is doing now as “vintage” because of just how much his game has evolved since playing college basketball for coach John Calipari at Memphis.

Rose, while still playing some of the best basketball he has played in recent memory, wants to be celebrated for his growth. He isn’t turning back the clock. He is reinventing himself whenever he is on the floor.

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