Ben Simmons never talked with Sixers about mental exhaustion till this week?

However, a team source refuted that. The source said the first time Simmons communicated his mental exhaustion was this week. On Friday, the Sixers communicated to Simmons and his representation that he’ll have access to whatever resources he may need while managing this situation.
Source: Keith Pompey @ The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
The #Sixers’ latest meeting with Ben Simmons appears to be a step in the right direction: ‘It was a productive day’… via @phillyinquirer – 5:32 AM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Tobias Harris on Ben Simmons: “We have to be there for him as a team”…2:55 AM
Joel Embiid urges 76ers fans to continue to support Ben Simmons: ‘He’s still our brother’
by: @therealmikekb from Philly…1:37 AM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Tobias Harris had some lengthy thoughts on his belief that Ben Simmons deserves space. PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Joel Embiid on Ben Simmons this morning: “It was good. Finally, it was the first time any of us heard him. I thought it was good for the group.”
Hopeful? “That’s a first step, that’s a start… We are better with him. I wouldn’t mind playing with him…” PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“We knew there was a lot of emotion here, but we wanted to win.”
⁃James Harden on playing the Sixers at Wells Fargo Center amidst the Ben Simmons drama. – 10:54 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#Sixers power forward Tobias Harris talks about the team’s meeting with Ben Simmons and why everyone, including the media, should support him: PM

Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
Tobias Harris gave an impassioned defense of Ben Simmons, saying he needs to be given space and treated like a human being, and that his teammates have his back. – 10:40 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#Sixers center Joel Embiid on the meeting with Ben Simmons this morning: PM

Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee
No Ben Simmons provides cover for Ls but the real issue for Philly is the same one that’s existed for some time. The 76ers don’t have a closer. Haven’t had one since Jimmy Butler skipped town. Ben doesn’t solve that problem. Daryl Morey must crave one in return in any Ben deal. – 10:39 PM
Noah Levick @NoahLevick
Tobias Harris on Ben Simmons: “We have to respect that he’s a human first.”
Harris says Simmons needs support and the Sixers have to be there for him as a team. He asks everyone, including media, to respect Simmons. – 10:38 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers forward Tobias Harris on Ben Simmons: ‘At this time he needs more support than neglect.’ – 10:37 PM
Justin Grasso @JGrasso_
Tobias Harris says that Ben Simmons needs support more than neglect at this time #Sixers10:37 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers Tobias Harris: ‘I think it was well-needed for us and for him as well’ to hear from Ben Simmons this morning. ‘It’s a good start. We have to respect his privacy and his space and be there for him.’ – 10:36 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
Joel Embiid said it was good to hear from Ben Simmons this morning, and that he both still hopes things can go in the right direction and that both he and his teammates would still welcome Simmons back to the team. – 10:33 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers Joel Embiid: ‘It was good to finally hear from (Ben Simmons this morning). Hopefully this was the first step. … I wouldn’t mind playing with him.’ – 10:31 PM
Brad Botkin @bradbotkincbs
I love how Doc Rivers not doing smart things as a coach, which is nothing new, somehow equates to Ben Simmons being right for some people. – 10:07 PM
Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Ben Simmons Doc Rivers
Not challenging good defense – 10:04 PM
Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
The 76ers completely choking offensively down the stretch without Ben Simmons feels about right. – 9:58 PM
Zach Kram @zachkram
Goodness, the 76ers really must miss Ben Simmons more than expected PM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
The #Sixers new intro video courtesy of @Gina Mizell has Ben Simmons in it a couple of times. PM

Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Updated Sixers intro video. Ben Simmons is in it a couple times, drawing some books.
Joel Embiid also alluded to Simmons in his pregame address to the crowd, and asked them to support Simmons. PM

Serena Winters @SerenaWinters
Joel Embiid to @CassidyHubbarth about the Ben Simmons situation uniting the #Sixers as a team: “As a team, we got closer, especially me, it brought up the point of me trying to become a way better leader than I was in the past & trying to keep the team together.” – 7:48 PM
Noah Levick @NoahLevick
Joel Embiid speaks to Sixers fans pregame, says Ben Simmons is “still our brother”: PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Wasn’t positive with all the other noise going on in here but I believe Joel Embiid finished off the season opening intro by thanking the crowd in part for continuing to support the team and Ben Simmons “because he’s still our brother.” – 7:46 PM
Justin Grasso @JGrasso_
Joel Embiid addresses the crowd before tonight’s game and asks #Sixers fans to support Ben Simmons – 7:46 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Ben Simmons is no victim but Daryl Morey is no hero. Actions and reactions. Petty games and this Tom and Jerry act. But a resolution is no closer, and that’s largely on Morey…7:32 PM
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
Reporting on NBA Countdown on Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving. PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Things To L👀k Out For In The Nets vs Sixers Game:
▪The Nets gave up 13 offensive rebounds last game. They will have to clean that up against the Sixers to win.
▪Ben Simmons, Shake Milton and Grant Riller are out for Philadelphia.
▪Kyrie Irving is out for Brooklyn. – 7:01 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Doc Rivers called this morning’s meeting with Ben Simmons a “positive” for everybody #Sixers… via @SixersWire #NBA6:31 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Doc Rivers on Ben Simmons: “It was a productive day, but it was a start.”
Later said on the near-term timeline: “I don’t know yet, I really don’t. We’re going to make sure Ben is with the right people and see where it goes.” PM

Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers coach Doc Rivers: ‘We don’t have a day set’ to discuss things again with Ben Simmons. – 5:50 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
Doc Rivers says today was a “productive day” as far as the meeting with Ben Simmons this morning. Says he wants him around the team, but doesn’t have a timeline for when he will be on the court with the team again.
“Today was a good day,” Rivers said. – 5:49 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#Sixers coach Doc Rivers says Ben Simmons addressing the team at shootaround ‘was productive and a start.’ PM

Justin Grasso @JGrasso_
Doc Rivers says that he feels good after this morning’s meeting with Ben Simmons. Says it’s a good start #Sixers5:48 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
76ers president Daryl Morey on Ben Simmons standoff: ‘This could be four years’…5:20 PM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are two peas in separate pods.
“I think we have to live in the here and now and not expect for things to change. We have to be the best team we can be with the pieces that we have available right now.” #Nets…4:59 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Dwight Howard responded to Jason Kelce’s comments about Ben Simmons #Sixers PM

The Ringer @ringernba
💭 The ongoing Ben Simmons saga
💭 The return of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors
💭 Draymond Green’s role on the Warriors with @Logan Murdock
#TheAnswer with @ChrisRyan77 and @Seerat Sohi:…2:47 PM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Daryl Morey says 76ers are prepared four years to trade Ben Simmons…2:43 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
Updated #NBA story: Ben Simmons is out due to personal reasons for tonight’s #Sixers home opener vs. the #Nets: PM

Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Joel Embiid asked 76ers co-star Ben Simmons the question: Why do you want a trade?…2:26 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Sources say Joel Embiid today asked 76ers co-star Ben Simmons the question: Why do you want a trade? Simmons responded that he isn’t feeling mentally himself and needs time to get right. Details: PM

Ryan McDonough @McDNBA
🧵 Mental health is a serious issue and deserves to be treated as such
So for Ben Simmons to try to force a trade this offseason, then skip the first few weeks of training camp/preseason, then show up in Philly but refuse to fully participate in 76ers team activities, then… – 1:21 PM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
76ers: Ben Simmons says he’s not mentally ready to play…12:43 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
“The locker room is a sacred place … I think we left the meeting understanding what he had to say, and we came out and got ready for Brooklyn.”
More on the latest development in the ever-evolving Ben Simmons situation here:…12:42 PM
Ben Rohrbach @brohrbach
We are heading for a necessary and uncomfortable conversation about the juxtaposition between the NBA’s embrace of mental health and the Sixers’ monetary penalties against Ben Simmons. – 12:35 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
After meeting with Ben Simmons today, the team feels as if they understand what he is saying and they support him #Sixers… via @SixersWire #NBA12:28 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
This Ben Simmons thing is a fascinating collision of 3 things that didn’t exist 15 years ago and are beginning to define the NBA
– The influence of Klutch (Simmons agency)
– Analytics (Morey’s analytically-driven GM approach)
– Shams/Woj (the nature of back-scratch reporting) – 12:25 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#Sixers PF Georges Niang when asked about the team meeting with Ben Simmons: PM

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
ESPN story on Sixers All-Star Ben Simmons’ plans to meet with medical professionals for an assessment: PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
New @AthleticNBAShow Daily Ding w/ @Rich Hoffman
🔥 Steph’s perfect first quarter
🤝 Ben Simmons saga continues
🦸‍♂ Herro crushes Bucks
🌳 PM

Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Now on @ForbesSports
Ben Simmons Informs The Philadelphia 76ers He’s Not Mentally Prepared To Play: Reports via @forbes…11:56 AM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Ben Simmons worked with the Sixers medical team this morning while his teammates participated in shootaround. – 11:54 AM
Noah Levick @NoahLevick
Georges Niang: Ben Simmons addressed the team today. Team left the meeting understanding what he had to say. Locker room is “a sacred place,” won’t get into specifics. – 11:52 AM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Georges Niang won’t go into any specifics of the meeting with Ben Simmons, as he shouldn’t, but he said the team felt good after the meeting ended #Sixers11:51 AM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Report: Ben Simmons tells 76ers he still isn’t mentally ready to play…11:35 AM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
Report: Ben Simmons tells #Sixers teammates at morning shootaround that he’s “not mentally ready to play to his expectations now” #76ers #NBA AM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Multiple sources confirmed that Ben Simmons addressed Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid and the entire 76ers team this morning, saying he’s not mentally ready to play and needs time. – 11:11 AM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
For ⁦@YahooSports⁩: Daryl Morey won’t pull a move for Ben Simmons on anything less than a layup. Sound familiar? This mess won’t end unless he does something he rarely does…11:10 AM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
*breathes in*

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
Ben Simmons met with Sixers’ medical professionals and coach Doc Rivers today and informed them that he’s not mentally ready to play to his expectations now, sources tell ESPN. He also talked to his teammates today. – 10:59 AM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Sources: Ben Simmons spoke to Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid and entire 76ers team today and accepted everyone needs to take responsibility, including himself — but Simmons informed them all that he’s not mentally ready to play yet and needs time. – 10:54 AM
Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers
Friday’s @LockedOnLakers podcast, with guest @Seerat Sohi! We discussed the Lakers’ roster fit, their defensive issues vs. offensive upside, Westbrook, Ben Simmons and “Succession.” #FirstListen @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods…10:37 AM
Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops
Money aside – Ben Simmons for Zach LaVine? I say big hell no. – 10:01 AM
Derek Bodner @DerekBodnerNBA
Some non-Ben Simmons Sixers news. AM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#ICYMI Daryl Morey and the #Sixers believe the Ben Simmons saga ‘could take four years’ to resolve… via @phillyinquirer – 8:01 AM
Jon Johnson @jonjohnsonwip
Most important question of all: Will the value of Ben Simmons increase over time? – 6:43 AM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#NBA story: The embattled Ben Simmons is listed as doubtful for the #Sixers’ home opener tonight vs. the #Nets, while Joel Embiid (knee) is questionable: AM

More on this storyline

When asked if Simmons intends to remain with the team moving forward, a league source said it’s up to the Sixers. Rivers said he wants him around. “He is part of the team,” the coach said. “I don’t know how many times I can say that. We have certain rules. Obviously, the other day that didn’t happen. But today was a good day. “And I think … most people, we look at problems instead of the possibilities. I think if we focus on the possibilities in life in general, you have a pretty good chance of going to a good place.” -via The Philadelphia Inquirer / October 23, 2021

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