Game stream: Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns

The Dallas Mavericks (9-4) play against the Phoenix Suns (3-3) at Footprint Center

Game Time: 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday November 17, 2021

Dallas Mavericks 46, Phoenix Suns 45 (Half)

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Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Halftime: DAL 46, PHX 45
Booker: 15 Pts, 7 Reb, 7-12 FG
Ayton: 10 Pts, 8 Reb
Shamet: 11 Pts, 3-5 3P
Porzingis: 14 Pts, 4 Reb – 11:03 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
#Suns 45 #Mavs 43. 1:19 left in 1st.
Booker 15, Shamet 11, Ayton 10. – 11:01 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Devin Booker is putting on a show in that midrange tonight – 11:00 PM
Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs
Flyin’ through The Valley 💨
@AcmeBrick | #MFFL PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Stats you didn’t know you would see tonight: Per the NBA, within the last few possessions Porzingis recorded his 1,800th career defensive rebound and Finney-Smith pulled down his 1,000th career defensive rebound. – 10:57 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
too much passing for two straight plays until it leads to an open Crowder 3. You take the good with the bad with unselfish play – 10:54 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Crowder 3. Timeout #Mavs. Only down 3 with Doncic out. #Suns10:54 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Ayton quick turnaround jumper good.
#Suns back up one. – 10:52 PM
Dakota Schmidt @RidicUpside
Earlier tonight, the Westchester Knicks beat the Long Island Nets 104-98. Knicks two-way prospect Luka Samanic (@samanicluka) led the way with 32 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists and a block on 12-23 from the field, 2-5 from 3 and 3-4 from the FT line – 10:52 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Mavericks are up 35-34 midway through the second quarter. Good showing thus far. – 10:51 PM
Phoenix Suns @Suns
Landry gettin’ crafty around the bucket. PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
#Suns current lineup:
Paul, Shamet, Johnson, Crowder and Ayton.
Thoughts? – 10:48 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Payne and McGee still connected as he finds 7-footer on roll to rim for two.
Shamet continues to cook, 4-of-4. 11 points. #Suns up one. – 10:46 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Landry Shamet: 3-3 3P
All other Suns: 1-12 3P – 10:43 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Updates on Luka are hard to come by, but here’s what we got. The good news is he hasn’t been ruled out for Friday’s rematch in Phoenix. PM
The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Devin Booker = Professional scorer 🔥 PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Porzingis out here against the Suns’ full bench lineup. Would expect CP3 to check back in quickly if it’s not a good start – 10:39 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Now that Cam Payne is healthy and DA’s return pushes JaVale McGee back to the bench, I expect we’ll see this connection in the second unit more and more often PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Monty Williams has been talking about #Suns holding teams to 23 or less in a quarter.
#Suns do it again in 1st tonight, lead 25-22.
Booker 11 on 5-of-8 shooting to lead #Suns. Porzingis, Hardaway Jr. each have 6 to lead #Mavs.
Low turnovers. Each team has just two. #NBA75 – 10:37 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
For Knicks fans searching for something/anything positive from tonight…
Miles McBride made his G League debut tonight and finished with:
25 points,
9 assists
5 rebs and 2 steals
While Luka Samanic scored 32 points (on 12-of-24 shooting) in 32 minutes and grabbed 10 rebounds. – 10:37 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
25-22 Suns after one quarter. Porzingis and Hardaway Jr. lead Mavs with 6 points apiece. Booker has 11 for Suns. – 10:37 PM
Dwain Price @DwainPrice
Suns lead 25-22 after the 1st quarter. KP has 6-3, Tim has 6 pts. – 10:36 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
End of 1Q: PHX 25, DAL 22
Booker: 11 Pts, 4 Reb, 5-8 FG
Ayton: 4 Pts, 4 Reb
Shamet: 6 Pts, 2-2 3P
Porzingis: 6 Pts, 3 Reb
PHX: 3-12 3P; DAL: 4-9 3P – 10:36 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Not a bad first quarter at all when you consider the 8-0 start. Suns up 3. – 10:36 PM
Houston Rockets @HoustonRockets
Jae’Sean Tate tonight:
🚀 16 PTS
🚀 8 REB
@creditkarma | #MoneyMoveoftheGame PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
It is kind of funny for all the consternation over Landry Shamet’s start in Phoenix, he’s still shooting 39% from 3 so far this season – 10:32 PM
Tim Cato @tim_cato
historians will never believe that willie cauley-stein and javale mcgee were, in fact, two different players – 10:30 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Payne changing game early with creating.
Found McGee for lob dunk.
Found Shamet for corner 3.
#Suns up one. – 10:30 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Great job by Booker to slow that transition look down. Knew he was going to have an open shooter if he played it right and didn’t rush it. Whole lot of shooting on the floor with this lineup. – 10:29 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
#Suns 3-happy right now.
Cam Johnson passed up an easy follow up in the lane to throw it out to Bridges, who had just missed a 3.
He missed the follow 3.
I get it. I really do, but passing up easy ones inside? #Suns down two. – 10:29 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Devin Booker’s up to 9 of the Suns’ first 13 points. Gorgeous move in transition there for the and-1, even though he missed the FT – 10:26 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
That crossover by Booker to his left when he’s on the left in transition has become one of his signature moves – 10:25 PM
Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs
Picking up right where he left off 🦄 PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Not having Luka out there changes up #Suns defensive assignments.
Bridges would normally guard him. Now he’s guarding Brunson, but Brunson isn’t the offensive threat as Luka is.
#Suns 7-0 burst with Booker hitting 3 to make difference one, 8-7. Timeout #Mavs. 6:30 left in 1st – 10:22 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Mavs started on an 8-0 run, now it’s a 7-0 Suns run. Shots not really falling and Booker’s agitated about that bucket he thought should’ve been an and-1 – 10:21 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
7-0 run after the Mavericks started the game up 8-0.
Defense –> offense blahblahblah – 10:20 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Ayton gets #Suns on board, turnaround jumper. 8-2 #Mavs10:18 PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Kristaps Porzingis has taken all 6 of the Mavs’ shots to start. Dallas up 6-0 as the Suns start 0-for-5 – 10:17 PM
Dwain Price @DwainPrice
Dwight Powell has 3 rebounds in under 2 minutes. Mavs up 6-0. – 10:16 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Porzingis gets scoring. Has 4-0 early. #Suns down 4-0. – 10:16 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Crowder on the move a lot early with Porzingis on him, the same way they like to attack AD against the Lakers. Looks like the Mavs are going to switch a little bit. – 10:15 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Mikal Bridges tried to hang around with the booray crew for their little deal during starting lineups and both Crowder and Booker dragged him and pushed him away lol. He’s not at the varsity table just yet. – 10:12 PM
Phoenix Suns @Suns
Bring ‘em out. #ValleyProud PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Game night in Phoenix. #Mavs #Suns PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Book doing his best Kaminsky impersonation PM

Mark Followill @MFollowill
Mavs and Suns about to start on BSSW. First of two straight in Phoenix for the Mavs who move Jalen Brunson into the starting lineup w/ Luka out tonight due to a left knee and ankle sprain suffered late in Monday’s game. Suns have won 9 straight. Harp and I have the call on BSSW – 9:59 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
Mavs starters: DFS, Porzingis, Powell, Hardaway, Brunson
PHX starters: Bridges, Crowder, Ayton, Booker, Paul
9:13 start @theeagledallas9:47 PM
Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs
Your first five on the floor in Phoenix.
@ModeloUSA | #FightingSpirit PM

Phoenix Suns @Suns
Starters vs Mavs!
#ValleyProud PM

Dwain Price @DwainPrice
With Luka out tonight against the Suns, Kidd said of Jalen Brunson: “We want Jalen to stay in character and be himself, and play the game that he’s played all season. We’re going to call on Trey Burke and Frank (Ntilikina) to handle the ball tonight and see how they do.” – 9:25 PM
Kelly Iko @KellyIkoNBA
It’s hard to explain just how versatile of a player Jae’Sean Tate is. Extremely underrated two-way skillset. – 9:23 PM
Phoenix Suns @Suns
Tonight’s @BannerHealth Health Update: PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Good gas from Jarrett Jack for Jae Crowder PM

Ian Begley @IanBegley
Miles McBride had 25 points, 9 assists & 5 rebounds in Westchester Knicks’ win over Long Island Nets. McBride played 40 minutes, had two steals, hit 10 of 24 shot attempts. NYK two-way player Luka Samanic had 32 points, 10 rebounds. – 9:13 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
“He’s way better than I am.” #Mavs coach Jason Kidd when I asked him how much does he see himself in Chris Paul late in his career.
Paul (10,408) is 3rd all-time in assists behind Kidd (12,091) and John Stockton (15,806). #Suns PM

Phoenix Suns @Suns
Game night fits 💯
#YouDoYou | @PlayAtGila PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Devin Booker getting some pregame work in with Jarrett Jack: PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Handle work for Devin Booker with Suns assistant coach Jarrett Jack PM

Brandon Rahbar @BrandonRahbar
SGA just went behind his back 5 times on a drive that finished in layup against Jae’Sean Tate, who the Rockets adorably believe is their Lu Dort. – 8:58 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Monty Williams opening pregame comments as #Suns face #Mavs minus Luka Doncic. PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
“Stay in character.”
#Mavs coach Jason Kidd on Jalen Brunson as Luka Doncic is out with knee and ankle soreness. #Suns PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Former Suns head coach and current Mavs assistant Igor Kokoskov working with Dorian Finney-Smith PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Kidd: Not just Brunson needs to step up. “We’re going to call upon Frank and Burke to handle the ball tonight.” – 8:40 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Interesting from Jason Kidd: When KP was out, Jalen started. When Luka is out, JB is starting. Said all he wants is for Brunson to stay “in character.” – 8:40 PM
Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Jason Kidd’s update on Luka Doncic (sprained left knee and ankle): “LD is getting treatment, so we’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow.” – 8:40 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
That’s how much Monty Williams said he’d charge for the formula for how to play well in the first game home after a long road trip, if he had it
#Suns back home after three-game road trip they swept. – 8:30 PM
Phoenix Suns @Suns
The doors are open! 🚪
@Opendoor | #ValleyProud PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Monty Williams on facing Luka-less Mavs: “When we looked at the lineups when Luka wasn’t on a floor, we saw a level of efficiency that demands attention.” He called Brunson a “different kind” of facilitator, noted that Porzingis was a No. 1 option in NY. – 8:20 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Miami’s first quarter …
– first 1st quarter where Miami never led this season
– 15-point deficit was largest faced by Heat in the first quarter this season (previous, 11 at Dallas)
– 13-point deficit is largest by after one quarter for Heat this season (previous, 6 at Dallas). – 8:12 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
OK, so we’re a few hours late, not to worry. Here’s the weekly Mavericks’ Mailbag, talking about the upcoming trip and the future salary cap. PM
Detroit Pistons PR @Pistons_PR
Saddiq Bey has made his 200th career 3-pointer tonight vs. IND, reaching the milestone in 84 games. Bey tied the third-fewest games by any player in NBA history to reach 200 3FGM (D. Robinson – 69, A. Edwards – 82, D. Mitchell/L. Doncic – 84). #Pistons
(via @EliasSports) – 7:44 PM
Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
Yikes, the Spurs had their worst night of the season yesterday shooting the wide open 3.
San Antonio shot just 1/11 on wide open 3s. Half of their 3s were attempted wide open.
Previous season low was 3/13 against Dallas (23% acc). – 7:25 PM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Cam Johnson and Jalen Smith in the holiday spirit. #Suns PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Nico Harrison appeared today on the @jimrome Show, didn’t offer a timetable on @Luka Doncic‘s return but said of Doncic “he’s a big reason why I came here” and “he’s one of those ones that we’re going to talk about for a long time. #Vimeo…6:33 PM
Mirjam Swanson @MirjamSwanson
Clipper Book Club, chapter 2: “Ego is the Enemy”…
Ibaka: “One of the reasons I decided to go play [G] League, I was reading this book called, ‘Ego is the Enemy.’… I’ve been in the league for 13 years, never been in the G League before, I could… 1/2 – 6:31 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Mavs’ state of the union tonight:
Luka: out
Maxi: out
Callie: out
I’m home with family after my grandma passed Monday night, but I’ll be back on the beat in a couple days. Here’s she and my Pop-Pop on their wedding day, 1.5 months shy of 62 years ago.
What a babe. PM

Phoenix Suns @Suns
📍 @Verizon 5G Performance Center PM

Roland Lazenby @lazenby
Trump looks back on Jan. 6 ‘fondly’ and wants to settle scores over false election claims, new book says…5:52 PM
Michael Singer @msinger
Today’s availability also yielded among my favorite quotes of the year so far.
When I asked JaMychal Green about his skirmish in Dallas, he said he needed to start walking away to save some money.
Then he added: “Confrontation, it kind of excites me.”…5:27 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
NBA Power Rankings: Warriors locked in on top, Suns rise up to second…5:26 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
For the third time in a week, Pacers’ opponent includes a former assistant coach.
• Popeye Jones, Nuggets
• Dan Burke, 76ers
• Bill Bayno, Pistons – 5:15 PM
Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs
Battle No. 1 in the desert 🌵
🆚 @Phoenix Suns
📺 @BallySportsSW & @nbaonespn
📻 @theeagledallas & 99.1 FM PM

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