Pascal Siakam not untouchable?

Is Pascal available for trade, or is he untouchable? Other than Scottie Barnes, who are the untouchables? — Frank S. Eric Koreen: Siakam’s not untouchable. Barnes is untouchable, and Anunoby is probably close. But let’s go beyond that. Siakam still seems to be one of the more confusing parts of this season. I think it’s genuinely difficult to separate his performance from the team’s struggles (and his in the past), given how this team is constructed and how unhealthy the Raptors currently are. His true shooting percentage is higher than it has been since his breakout third season when he won NBA Most Improved Player. It’s still a lot closer to the two years that came after — which included one season in which he was named All-NBA Second Team — than that one, but it is progress. His 3-point percentage is up to 36, but he continues to take fewer per minute, down from 6.2 per 36 in 2019-20 to 3.8 this year. Given his struggles last season, that is understandable. His usage percentage is slightly down from last season, as are his assists. His turnovers are slightly up, which is a worry but a minor one. The Raptors aren’t exactly swimming in spacing.
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What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Ryan Wolstat @WolstatSun
For the Pascal Siakam is bad/trade him crowd:
Siakam last 9 games:
22.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.4 threes,
.507/.394/.739 – 5:54 PM
Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050
The boxscore says that Gary Trent has missed 3 shots and that feels like it’s gotta be a misprint. Dude is on one right now. He and Pascal Siakam combined for 35 first-half points on 15-20 FG. Raptors lead by 10 at the break. – 8:34 PM
Ryan Wolstat @WolstatSun
Pascal Siakam has a friendly rim tonight. Has started the game with four straight made shots, two of them with the rim being mighty helpful. – 7:54 PM

More on this storyline

In short: Siakam is good. Where does that leave his value? Well, he’s worth his deal in the sense that if the Raptors didn’t give it to him, someone else would have. His salary is outpacing his production at the moment, but not by such a degree that you would call the contract a franchise albatross. The league is in an interesting place. There is a wider cast of contenders to win a title than usual, which should make those teams more aggressive at the deadline. As mentioned above, we’ve already seen Siakam as an integral part of a championship team. I’m not predicting a trade, because those are hard to make — especially when a player is making $33 million this season. Still, I’d be surprised if there doesn’t wind up being a few interesting offers for Siakam before the trade deadline, and particularly in the offseason. -via The Athletic / December 11, 2021
If the Blazers cannot acquire Simmons, Pascal Siakam would be another great addition to the team. A lot of the same arguments for acquiring Simmons such as the defensive versatility he brings and lineup configurations he allows can be applied to Siakam. It also helps that both players earn identical salaries, allowing the Blazers to put together a similar package for Siakam. -via HoopsHype / December 7, 2021
The draft compensation involved in any eventual Simmons trade figures to be a difference-making variable, but the Raptors have the base talent to outbid numerous teams (if they choose) when Philadelphia finally reaches the point that it concedes it is no longer tenable to hold out for a star on Lillard’s or Beal’s level. Rather than pursue a swap centered around Pascal Siakam, it is easier to see Philadelphia trying to push to acquire a rising star capable of replicating Simmons’ versatility — namely OG Anunoby — who can be packaged with a playoff-tested veteran ballhandler to give the Sixers’ backcourt a needed boost (Goran Dragić). -via / October 21, 2021

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