Anthony Edwards enters COVID-19 protocols

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The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards has entered the NBA’s COVID protocols, per @Adrian Wojnarowski. PM

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards has entered into the league’s Covid protocols, sources tell ESPN. – 12:59 PM
Jon Krawczynski @JonKrawczynski
“We’re all trying to figure out how we can help each other win.” — Karl-Anthony Towns on the conversations with Anthony Edwards that build their partnership.…9:23 AM
Jon Krawczynski @JonKrawczynski
Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and the conversations that spur a partnership…2:52 PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
Wild game-winners, Okoro catchin’ bodies, Anthony Edwards makes history, Danny Ainge’s baseball career + more!
𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚍𝚊𝚢
𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚌𝚕𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚌

Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
Anthony Edwards was 🔥 last night:
✅ 38 PTS
✅ 14-21 FG
✅ 10-14 3P
Edwards became the youngest player in NBA history to make at least 10 3P in a game (age in years-days):
20-132 – Edwards (12/15/21)
22-311 – Kyrie Irving (1/28/15)
22-354 – Terrence Ross (1/25/14) AM

Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
WHAT A NIGHT for Anthony Edwards
✅ Youngest player with 10 threes
✅ 2,000 points in his first 100 NBA games…6:25 AM
Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
10 threes for Anthony Edwards. 10,000 points for Karl-Anthony Towns as the Timberwolves get a rare win over Denver. Final game story of the night:…1:44 AM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Quiet the postgame outfits for our press conference with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards.
KAT wasn’t wearing a shirt because DLo dumped an ice bucket on him after he got dressed.
And Ant wasn’t wearing pants. I’m not sure why. – 12:47 AM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Asked Anthony Edwards tonight, big picture, where he and Karl-Anthony Towns can go together.
This was Edwards’ response: AM

Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
Anthony Edwards talking about Karl-Anthony Towns and stacking his own strong performances. AM

Jarred Vanderbilt @JVando
Anthony Edwards!! You special gang! – 11:46 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Chris Finch on Anthony Edwards’ 10-made-3s performance tonight:
“He’s had a lot of these type of games. Not a lot, but we’ve seen enough of these type of games to know that he has it in him. His challenge is not to do this every night, but back up these type of performances.” – 11:44 PM
Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Michael Malone postgame: “Anthony Edwards had zero free-throw attempts. He just danced with the ball and shot 3 after 3. We just refused to get into him.” – 11:35 PM
Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Anthony Edwards franchise record 10 three-pointers in one game, while trying out some new material. PM

Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
Anthony Edwards is the youngest player to hit 10 threes in a game, per Sportsradar – 11:24 PM
Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Final rotations for the Nuggets as they lose 124-107 to the T’Wolves.
-Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns were incredible
-Jokić was good, not great by his standards
-Not enough help from the rest of the starting unit
-Markus Howard may or may not have a serious injury. PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Anthony Edwards tonight:
38 PTS
14-21 FG
10-14 3P (franchise record)
He is the youngest player in NBA history with 10+ threes in a game. PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Nuggets drop to .500 again and are 14-14 after tonight’s loss. Anthony Edwards goes for 38 points and shoots 10-14 from 3. Karl-Anthony Towns poured in 32. Denver leaves tomorrow for a three-game road trip (Hawks, Nets, Thunder) beginning Friday in Atlanta. – 11:17 PM
Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux
Anthony Edwards becomes the first player to hit ten threes in a game since Damian Lillard went 12/17 against the Nuggets in the playoffs.
Last regular season occasion was Steph Curry vs. OKC in May. PM
Jon Krawczynski @JonKrawczynski
Anthony Edwards now has 10 3s. No one has hit more in an NBA game this season. – 11:13 PM
Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Those jokes about Anthony Edwards being Michael Jordan’s son — PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards just putting on a SHOW.
He’s made 9 of his 12 3s tonight — and he’s lettin the crowd in Denver know about it.
Nuggets call a timeout, fans start heading out of the stadium. – 11:11 PM
Jon Krawczynski @JonKrawczynski
Anthony Edwards: 35 points, 13-16 FG, 9-12 3s.
It’s been a minute since he blew up. But when he does, it is something to behold. – 11:11 PM
Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
Anthony Edwards has a career high nine 3-pointers. – 11:10 PM
Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Anthony Edwards is taking a hammer to the Nuggets tonight. – 10:41 PM
Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Anthony Edwards is THAT DUDE – 10:20 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Well… Anthony Edwards can’t miss – 9:52 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards and the TImberwolves have made it to Denver PM

Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
The Wolves starting lineup is the best 5-man unit in terms of net rating in the NBA (100+ mins played).
D’Angelo Russell + Patrick Beverley + Anthony Edwards + Jarred Vanderbilt + Karl-Anthony Towns
Minutes: 108
Offensive rating: 135.4
Defensive rating: 85.4
Net rating: +50.0 PM

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